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Happy New Year!


A new year brings new opportunities and our first venture of 2019 is starting a blog.

Like premiums, deductibles and policy exclusions are second nature to you, insurance agency mergers, acquisitions and financing options are where we excel. Our goal is to share our knowledge so the process is less daunting when you are in a position to make a move.

What’s ahead?

Valuations, finance/capital consulting and sell-side engagements dominated our 2018 efforts. In total, we completed 30 engagements representing $100M in transaction value. With capital still readily available and a hot M&A market, we foresee 2019 to be much of the same. What does all this mean?

Valuing an insurance agency, continues to be in-demand from business owners. Whether you are ready to sell your agency or not, a valuation is a great benchmark to find out where you are today and which areas of your business to focus on to enhance value.

Do you need to consolidate debt, complete a strategic acquisition or upgrade your CRM system?  Financing and capital are important for continued growth. Our long-standing relationships with the top insurance industry lenders enable us to negotiate and assist with the financing process.

Last year, the biggest need we identified was for a streamlined, cohesive, exit planning (or business perpetuation) process. Exit planning is simply good business strategy and should be integrated no matter your phase in life.  At a minimum, owners should begin planning 3-5 years prior to their desire to sell. This allows INS Capital Group time to provide an initial valuation of your agency, show you the areas that can be enhanced for a greater return and provide time to ensure the rest of your advisory team is integrated into the process.  More importantly for the business owner, it provides the runway to start thinking about what he or she will do following the transaction; a key and often overlooked component of any business sale.

We feel so strongly about the benefits of the exit planning process that our President, Chris McAtee, earned his CEPA certification last fall. A CEPA, or Certified Exit Planning Advisor, works to integrate business, personal and financial goals of the business owner into the exit strategy. Sharing our knowledge of exit planning will be a primary focus of the blog. We also are working on online tools to jump start internal conversations around exit planning. In the meantime, you can learn about the Exit Planning Process here.

Bottom Line

If you are interested in learning more about the exit planning process, need help with capital or are ready to sell, we are here to help.

Be sure to visit the Resource area of our website to read other articles on the process of buying and selling insurance agencies. Connect with us on social media or subscribe to our blog to receive the most current posts immediately.

We are excited about our plans for the year. Reach out to us anytime at if you have questions.

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