INS Capital Group


Consulting Support for Business Owners

Areas of Expertise


Sell-Side Advisory

With over 150 transactions completed within the insurance industry, INS Capital excels at representing sellers throughout the acquisition process.  We help maintain confidentially, assist in navigating due diligence, maximize the price while also providing multiple buyer options to ensure the best fit for the future of your firm, staff and clients.  

Buy-Side Advisory

We assist interested buyers source deals, negotiate the price and structure, and assist with securing capital, if necessary.

Exit Planning

The most successful business sales occur when the owner has strategically planned for it. Ideally, planning that begins three years prior to a sale provides owners with the smoothest transactions and time to plan for their next venture or retirement.


agency valuations

Our team works with you to evaluate the market value of your business as you consider a sale. 

Financing & Capital Solutions

Our experience is second to none in the insurance lending space. Preferred partnerships with every major insurance lender in the country enables us to help you negotiate the best financing options. Additionally, we assist in the navigation of the underwriting and legal documentation processes that accompany every commercial loan.