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Agency Valuation

Determining Accurate Market Value

What's Your Agency Really Worth?

Agency owners often quote revenue or EBITDA multiples when discussing the value of their firm because they heard another agency sold at a multiple of one of these. However, there are several factors that determine the value of an agency including; profit margins, niche specialties, location, size, staff, carrier markets and the profitability of their book of business. 

Our extensive list of acquisition data and agency characteristics allows us to properly determine the value of your agency or the agency you want to acquire.


Our Process Includes:

  • Collecting Agency's Financial & Book of Business Data

  • Creating Pro Forma & Financial Projections

  • Analyzing the Current Operations & Best Practices from Similar Agencies

  • Determining the Market Value of the Agency

  • Providing a Valuation Report Showing the Results of our Analysis

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